Armageddon & The Quiet Piano
Guess who's back. This is a Shitty Stories precursor. I used to make these from 2013-2015.

New Shitty Stories every Wednesday. Stay updated.

Armageddon & The Quiet Piano (2013)Edit

A drabble by Mr. CasualSocks

The star reminded me of a cat that day- what a day for Armageddon.

I panicked, my fear reflected in the eyes of Giles & Wesley.

But then we saw lt- a quiet piano. Giles smiled Spotty mountains. splendid shelves & ginger tree- the piano seemed like the answer to our prayers.

Wesley looked at the hawk & jumped casually. Giles, dancing cautiously, conveyed similar sentiments.

A sense of deep ancticipation ran through my fingers. eating emotionally.

Giles admired the pianos grubby turrets. breath held tight.

Mumble. Mumble!

With help from a false gun. the piano saved the world. Phew!

Loss & recoveryEdit

The Plot-Generator precursors were lost when I had to give my hybrid computer/phone to my coworkers for work reasons in 2015. I somehow managed to recover them on my old phone that year, but the phone broke in 2016. I miraculously recoverred them again in 2017 with the power of UC, the best Android browser ever. It somehow had the stories in the bookmarks, despite me saving them on the stock browser.

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