This is an incomplete list of every Shitty Story ever made. Newer ones have yet to be added in & after The Mesh, they go completely out of order.

The ListEdit

The Biography Of First Mate Davis Fincklenickel
The Only Way
No Joke, I Need Help Moving Everything To The Hotel
Infladable Orange Chicken Nunchucks
It Isn't Time To See What Time It Is
Reds Dad Firstnamelastname, The Fiul Elephants
The Movie Is A Really Great Game
Rod Negrocylinder
Legend Of The Tall Bigs
It's Called Dem Nose
The Last Agater: Gorp His Story
The Army Killed The Other Army
And Then There WaS
$low Jam$
The Story Of oh look, a squirrel... Zazu
The Mesh
Where Have The Pidgeons Go?
Spooky Dooky
Edepe Reunobompwichs Story
The Fenlon RoadBlock
Blueberry Fudge Sauce
Lampkin Onions
Lampkin Onions?
Rod Negrocylinder
The Invention Of The Jingerwigger
What Is Going On?
Walter Black & His Magical Jurney!!!
The Greatest Story About Space & Planets
The Magic Frindle
The Time Is Now To Wait Untill Later
The Only One
The Life, Times & Ways (Only One lolz) Of Pete Snuffelfluffius
Let Me See. Know What I Meanz?: The Reckoning
The Retard Games
A Stupid Story About Stupid Stuff
I'll Tell You The Time Later
Bag In The Money The Put

  • Spoiler Alert* Giant Citrus

Don't You Ever Eat This Corn, It's Dirty
No Time For Titles, I'm Being Chased
Local House Of Guys 1
Tim Is Not Jim, He Is Tom 1
C,mon, Idont Breathe
The Fact That I Can See You
Alien Kelp Farmer's
Ohmygosh I being chased
The Biology Of "Jelly" Bernard
Never Fight A Wave, Man
So Yeah, Why Are You Even Here?
I-I-I-I-I Hav Story 4 U
The 42'nd Stry
I Told You I'd Write A Story, Dr. Squmps
The Battle Against Bikini William
The Hike
Don't Act Like You Don't Know The Title
Minneapolis 2028
Destruction Of A Vessel
Driving Lunch & Singing News
I Won't Let Go
Do I Have To Write A Story?
The Shitty Story... Of Gundza
Living With Auttirs
Get Yer Own Title Ya Hippy

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