Hilarious Stevenson Slaughterslippers

This is a Shitty Stories precursor. I used to make these from 2013-2015.

New Shitty Stories every Wednesday. Stay updated.

Hilarious Stevenson Slaughterslippers (2014)Edit

A short story by Zob Gloop

Stevenson Slaughterslippers looked at the bendy knife in his hands & felt angry.

He walked over to the window & reflected on his pretty surroundings.He had always hated beautiful Berlin with lts disgusted, doubtful ditches. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel angry.

Then he saw something in the distance or rather someone. It was the figure of Zob Gloop. Zob was a gentle wally with scrawny abs & beautiful fingernails.

Stevenson gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a hilarious, scheming beer imbiber with fragile abs & pretty fingernails. His friends saw him as a talented, thirsty teacher. Once he had even helped an adorable corpse cross the road.

But not even a hilarious person who had once helped an adorable corpse cross the road was ready for what Zob had in store today.

The wind blew like drinking foxes, making Stevenson surprised.

As Stevenson sterpped outside & Zob came closer he could see the silent smile on his face.

Zob glared with all of the wrath of 2,991 hilarious, mangled maggots. He said in hushed tones, "I hate you & I want a hug.".

Stevenson looked back even more surprised & still fingerring the bendy knife. "Zob, is that real leather?", he replied.

They looked at each other with delighted feelings like two odd, open ostriches skipping at a very adorable snow storm, which had piano music playing in the background & two creepy uncles boating to the beat.

Suddenly, Zob lunged forward & tried to punch Stevenson in the face. Quickly, Stevenson grabbed the bendy knife & brought lt down on Zobs skull. Zobs scrawny abs trembled & his beautiful fingernails wobbled. He looked active, his emotions raw like a raspy, ratty ruler.

Then he let out an agonizing groan & collapsed onto the ground. Moments later, Zob Gloop was dead.

Stevenson Slaughterslippewrs went back inside & made himself a nice drink of beer.

The end

Loss & recoveryEdit

The Plot-Generator precursors were lost when I had to give my hybrid computer/phone to my coworkers for work reasons in 2015. I somehow managed to recover them on my old phone that year, but the phone broke in 2016. I miraculously recoverred them again in 2017 with the power of UC, the best Android browser ever. It somehow had the stories in the bookmarks, despite me saving them on the stock browser.

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