Inflatable Orange Chicken Nunchucks

By Hugo Wiggenbutton Jr. © (9/5)

There wasn't a big. Suddenly, HEA BEONG CHASED!!!!!! Dastardly P Slickeyes was after him. Dastardly was a skinny tall. He was a mixture of stuff. Half elephant, half elephant. FIUL ELEPHANT!!!!!!!! When we're I? Oh, HE'S STILL BEUNG CHASE! He run through forest. There lots of trees. He look behind him. Dastardly right there!!!!! Pretty scary!!!! Dastardly almost catch him. He miss. What a relief. He get away. I was scared for minute there. Dastardly just want to return his shoe that fall. He turn around. Now he's after DASTARDLY P SLICKEYES!!!! OH, NO!!!! Dastardly run!!!! HE RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!!!! HE NOT RUN FAST ENOUGH!!! WHY HE SO SLOW!!!! Dastardly's such a slow elephant!!! Dastardly's shoes untied & he trip!!! He peek out & surprise Dastardly!!! And Dastardly get kill!!!! Now he not chased anymore. Dastardly get what he desserve. Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you the name of the guy being chased. His name is A Hardsong. He wasn't a full elephant. He was only a half elephants. There was a big.

This is a lost shitty story, among others. I retyped what I remember.

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