Welcome to Shittystorya, home of the shitty stories. Here you can find such legendary stories as The Only Way & even submit your own! I submit one new (old) shitty story every Wednesday & I have enough to go around.

Update: I will now be updating every Monday & Wednesday, since there are more shtories coming in than going out.

Shitty StoriesEdit

Shitty stories, also known as shoddy stories, shtories & stries, are intentionally, poorly typed stories by fictional, retarded authors known as auttirs, since the average one can't spell very well. The universally accepted first shitty story is The Only Way, by Dr. Squmps (aka the author), written on September 4'th. Precursors go way back to 2007 with Who Stole The Wrestlers' Diaries? Shitty stories are inspired by Mad Libs, My Immortal, Plot-Generator & other things. Please read the, 'How To Make Your Own Shitty Story', arcticle, lf you would like to join the community. You are also encouraged to comment reviews on shtories as though they were real & hate on them all you like. It's a nice escape from reality & best of all, auttirs can't defend themselves, as they're fictional!

LAG Edit

If your auttir sucks enough ass, zhe can get into the Legendary Auttirs Guild (LAG), founded by Dr. Squmps (aka the author) & led by Arthur Noodles. Creators of confirmed auttirs (at the moment just me), can comment review shitty stories & say whether or not they believe the auttir is legendary enough for LAG. At least 25% of all reviewing auttirs on the page must confirm in order for the auttir to be admitted. Once your auttires is in LAG, you gain the power to admit other auttirs, leave references to your shitty story on others & even modify rules. For a list of all Legendary Auttirs, see our page on the Legendary Auttirs Guild.

Latest activityEdit

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