No Joke, I Need Help Moving Everything To The Hotel
By Someone V (9/5)Edit
Sir Elvis Pottyparty The Destroyer, my sister, is still having some of her mouth raviolis. She asked me not to continue being a mom. Let's wait on a sleeping Ed. Ah, don't keep an eye view, which I will check. How could we come later on vacation? House will give guys free kilobytes. If you're you & I do my computer, small eels will go to church. Elvis; or
was lt Stevenson?; sent out a retard like a crazy zipper & can't open a free door. Why not? Because Elvis doth hath telekinesises. But in reality, I can't be a journey. Evry tim, you can also find her last summer. Let's use my account deatails later or earlier. I should go ahead for lunch. Bbz. Waldo$

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