The Only Way
by Doctor Squmps (aka the author) (9/4)Edit
Pete Snuffelfluffius was a fat tall (not to be confused with a tall big or a skinny tall. They're not real.). He really wants help with the new socks he bought you. I mean, he IS right behind you. Dud, didn't you noticed? Hahshahahdh lols jk. But really though. He is sad that he is a majestic slider. He enjoys long walks in dark alleys. He really loves being a
spider. Pete doesn't know his owns named. He try. It is they only way.kk

Note: This is also widely believed to be the first shitty story, as lt is the first to take on the format. On top of that, this is the shortest story. This is Dr. Squmps (aka the author)'s magnum opus. He went on to type one more shitty story (Red's Dad Firstnamelastname, The Fiul Elephants). He is the founder & originally, the leader of the Legendary Auttirs Guild (LAG). The Only Way was taken down from Trollpasta. Their los

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